How to make the kick more punchy and clear

How to make the kick more punchy and clear. For example as in this track:

Tried many techniques, but unfortunately cannot succeed. Your help will be much appreciated :)

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First of all all try to separate the kick. I mean, get any kick you want, and double the channel, or make 2 chains (in case you use Ableton), you should have one for low freqs, and one for high. It’s important to make the low one mono.

Remove the sustain on high kick and put the decay around 1 sec, (sometimes less, sometimes more) it depends on the kick you have. Cut some freqs around 200-250Hz, and add some punch using SPL Transient Designer. It’s just brilliant. Put a limiter or saturator after all your processing plugins to avoid clipping.

Default Answered on July 27, 2017.

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