Loosing the punch of the kick while I start to add more elements

Hey guys!

I found that i always loose the punch of the kick while i start to add more elements, like claps, ride, basses or anything else… it’s just getting lost in the mix, even if i add the sidechain on some elements.

Of course you can’t add sidechain on everything in the groove, so the problem is getting even worse.

Do you know guys ho to fix it?
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Hi there,
There are few simple methods to fix it.
The first one of course is simply to change the kick to a more punchy one.  :D
but if you really want to use the kick you have, there are 2 easy tricks i found myself very useful.
    1. Add an EQ on the kick, around 12kHz with a very high Q, like the maximum.. and add there 4-6db. It will really make your kick stand out of all your sounds, and you don’t ruin the mix. (screenshot attached)
    1. Use SPL Transient Designer. Very simple, very useful. Just turn up the Attack Knob, as much as you feel you need it for your kick.
Yes, in both cases the picks will go really high. Just add a limiter / saturator / sausage fattener or whatever you want, or fits your eat.
I personally use Glue Compressor from Ableton with Soft Mode Enabled and Dry/Wet at 0%. This way it just uses the limiter only.


RE: Loosing the punch of the kick while I start to add more elements

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DreamySounds gave you perfect answer but however If you are still not happy with final sounds try add also my advice:


When I am preparing track for the final mastering I always add to kick +2db sometimes +3db more.

Supporter Answered on August 16, 2017.

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